Bricks & Sticks & Mortar @ Recoat Gallery!

Paid a visit to the Recoat Gallery in Glasgow on Friday for the opening of Bricks & Sticks & Mortar by Erms & Eko, two renowned graffers. The show is made up from brand new hand painted originals by Eko & serigraph prints by Erms. You can see some of the works below but you really need to pay a visit to the gallery to see them in the flesh as the colours will really hit you! Eko's work is so detailed that you could spend an hour looking at each painting and still find new details that escaped you, truelly stunning. And the vibrancy of Erms work really needs to be seen in person, bold and vibrant like his graff pieces!

Another reason to pop down and see the show is that each artist has completed a new mural in the galleries lane and these guys go big! I didn't manage to get any pics as I was too busy staring in amazement at the quality of the pieces. Also if your fast enough you might be able to get one of the super limited zines that have been printed for the show featuring work from each artist as well as a collaborative double page spread! These are super limited and will probably be gone by this time next week but you can get a sneak peek at the zine at the bottom here!

You can read a bit more about the artists and the show here and if your in Glasgow this month then be sure to pay the guys a visit, it will make your eye's happy!

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