'From the Depths Of Your Shallow Heart, Sheshanaag Shall RISE!!' by MoC!

After spending so much time doing videos and photographs to document the mural project I thought it would be good to show off the piece I created for the show, the nucleus or the center piece for the show! Its the biggest thing I've ever painted and found with every session I learned something new and became more and more comfortable holding a paint brush. 

The project really grew and developed as more artists started to come down and join in. The idea was to paint everything in black & white to keep it uniform but some red started to seep into my design which led to the idea of joining up all the work with colour and seeing the work of Moneyless inspired the string idea, a way of connecting all the work without trying to paint hundreds of perfect lines across shit surfaces! Over the 4 months I sketched things out, painted lines, white washed and painted again, spent god knows how many hours in the studio, listened  to some good dj's and most of all got the chance to hang out with new people, many of whom are now solid friends who I'm looking forward to working with in the future. And if that fails a good piss up will suffice!

I've just started to sketch out idea's for the next project but before that ill be finishing off the Mural Project Zine design and organising a launch party for it so keep yer eye's on the facebook page for details!

MoC "From the Depths Of Your Shallow Heart, Sheshanaag Shall RISE!!" from MoC on Vimeo .

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