"Wild Lament" by Lesley Logue @ The Foyer!

"Wild Lament" is the latest series of works from Edinburgh based artist Lesley Logue, currently on show at the Foyer Restaurant and curated by Smart Consultants. I popped along on Monday for a look at the work, lots of deer and bears so of course I loved it. My favourite pieces are the tree stump sketches with gold thread stiched across them which at first just looked cool but if you read the artist's statement below you will see there's a bit of a deeper meaning behind those pieces and all the work!

"Maintenance and repair are key concerns in my work, responding to generational and historic shifts in the environment. Much of the work on show explores my interest in hunting. I am particularly interested in hunting as a right of passage and a shared activity within particular communities. 

There is a sense of lament not only in the death of the animals but the death of community and ritualistic practices associated with the landscape. My interest is partly fueled by my involvement in the sport of field archery, a sport that simulates the hunting experience through use of paper targets and 3D animal replicas. This sport takes place in natural woodland settings therefore I am also drawn to the evidence of tree maintenance, pruning chopping and removal. 

The gold stitching on my tree stump drawings is an attempt to repair a wound, which is already too severe. Through my work I play with the juxtaposition of the real and unreal, the act and the simulation, the actual experience and the experience imagined."

"Wild Lament" is on at The Foyer from now until the 3rd of November!

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