Shut Up And Play The Hits!

Last Wednesday saw the UK cinema release of Shut Up And Play The Hits, a music documentary following the very last LCD Soundsystem gig at Madison Square Gardens in New York. The film focuses on James Murphy, the man behind LCD and his decision to end the band at their peak and the aftermath of the last concert. The film is pieced together with post gig footage of Murphy sorting out some loose ends, footage from the concert (the full 3 and a half hour concert will feature on the DVD / Blu Ray release) and an interview filmed a few weeks before the final gig which probes at why he's chosen to end things.

If your a fan of LCD then you will enjoy seeing this intimate portrait of the bands end, a pretty bold and brave move in this day and age but LCD have always been a band playing outside of the box and by their own rules. The gig footage is pretty stunning and the camera men really get involved both onstage and in the crowd which helps show the energy of LCD, how it should be. The Belmont screening was followed by a live Q&A with Murphy and the directors which was pretty cool although didn't really reveal much more. It felt strange to feel emotional after watching a concert film but I guess LCD were more than just a band making music, they were an experience and one I'm sad to say I never saw in the flesh, suppose you need to have some regrets! Least ill be able to enjoy the full concert once I purchase my copy and who knows that the future may hold, James Murphy certainly doesn't!


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