Monday Mixtape # 1 - MoC Death is the Road to (Awe)Some Mix!

Its Monday. The shittest day of the week for sure. So why not listen to this incredibly sad and depressing mix tape that I made based around The Fountain soundtrack. I tried to keep with piano based tracks but a few non piano tracks slipped in. In all seriousness its called "Death is the Road to (Awe) Some" because music is the key to a happy life and even the sad music can bring you up and you know, we are all going to die, bar none, its coming. We don't know when or how but that's life, that's the journey and I think its a beautiful thing and you should accept it and make the most of things. Were all on the same road so yeah, see the beauty in life, in people, in friendships and in lovers, don't waste time on the dickheads, don't hold onto grudges and surround yourself with amazing people. And listen to at least some of this mix!

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