Grays Degree Show Highlights x Kate Bell & Catriona Munro!

I think last year I only featured work from print making and painting, so this year I've tried to look beyond the usual work that takes my fancy. The fashion & textiles show was actually really great this year, its the first time I've attended and seeing the work on stage and then exploring the displays at the Degree show really helped me appreciate how much effort goes into each collection, I think my date being a Fashion graduate also helped!

Anyway from fashion & textiles I was particularly taken with Kate Bell's work. You just have to look at her display to see why! From product design I was quite taken by the natural forms of Catriona Munro's ceramic works, I think the colours and forms really stood out and drew me in. Unfortunately I can't find any pictures of Cat's work but you can see some new things she's been working on via her blog!

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Catriona Munro

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