Grays Degree Show Highlights x Amy Beth Gear & Ade Adesina!

Last year I decided to pay close attention to the Grays graduates and picked out a few who's work really appealed to me. I contacted them and asked them to answer a few questions about their work and the road ahead, which was nice for a change from the usual "look at this" style blog posts. However this year I have lacked the energy to contact each artist so instead will just post a selection of photo's of their work!

So kicking off the highlights we have Amy Beth Gear. Amy's work just looks amazing, some of her prints had fluff balls and layers of fluff and her giant sheet looked amazing when it was hung up out side Peacock Visuals Arts. Keep an eye on her via her website!

Ade Adesina is another print maker who's work combines elements at once familiar to any Aberdonian but mixed with elements from his own back ground. Ade's work seems to carry quite strong political overtones whether referencing the exploitation of our natural environment or the more local issue of the Trump Golf Course / wind farm development. Ade's work really stood out and is definitely worth a closer look, check out his Facebook page here! Ill have some more Degree show highlights next week!

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