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Let It Bleed Presents MYLO!

Tomorrow brings a pop up fair in the shape of the March Hare Market, Steve of Little Kicks fame's big birthday, the most fashionable babe in towns leaving party and the next Let It Bleed event with MYLO! So not much on tomorrow then! I can't wait though, I can remember when Destroy Rock & Roll came out and just dancing so much and digging MYLO's music and I'm really chuffed at getting the chance to provide visuals for the night, all thanks to Let It Bleed. Anyway here's a wee things I put together last night!

Let It Bleed Presents MYLO! from Über AV on Vimeo.

NEOS 2012 @ Junction Arts & Visions Photography!

Well we only covered 2 spaces and on the last day of NEOS but it was good fun all the same! The first stop was a 2 minute cycle from the flat to Junction Arts & Gifts. Junction work hard to show work by both established creaters and crafters as well as showcasing fresh talent from Grays School of Art. They also show a wide range of work from screen prints, paintings, mixed media & 3D work, sticth craft, ceramics and jewellery. I really like the lay out of the shop but its a bugger to photograph, that's why YOU should go down yourself and have a look! Kelly McAllister's jewellery pieces really stuck out, just need an excuse to buy something!

And through a chance conversation in Junction we found out about another show just down the road at Ruthrieston Community Centre where the Visions Photography group meet every Thursday. Members of the club set up stalls showcasing their photography work with lots of nice landscape and wildlife work and a mix of digital and convention…

Pop Up @ Wonderland Salon!

Its about time something cool happened with cool local brands and hair? Well what do you know, the people who brought you Wonderwax are back but this time with a few more friends! So make sure to check out Pop Up this Sunday at Wonderland Salon, featuring music from Tuff Wax and fine cotton and vintage goods from Try Industries, Ruby and the Dream of Horses, Bato Hand Crafted and WLD WLVS! Gonna be sweet, wonder if ill get a smooch again!

Live Music @ Kialu Old Aberdeen!

Friday saw the first live music event at the new Kilau Coffee situated right on the High Street of Old Aberdeen. The evening was curated by Alan Cynic, a purveyor of underground sounds and musician extrordinaire! I missed Alan's set but caught C.S. Buchan for the first time, who created the perfect atmosphere with his mix of acoustic guitar, cello and well written songs although he kept things light enough and enjoyed a laugh while playing. Still, think the group of students sitting next to me could have shut the fuck up or moved through to the back room where they wouldn't have bothered anyone. Got £10,000 to study at University but no manners, standard! Sorry a small gripe of mines.

Ashley Parks was up next with his incredible guitar playing mixed with a pretty powerfull voice, not what you'd expect at all when you see Craig but hes got some belters. I think Stuart Allan recently did a t shirt & poster design for Craig but I can't find it anywhere. Maybe its a sec…

Peace Camp 2012 @ Fort Fiddes, Cullykhan Bay!

A few weeks ago I picked up a flyer for an art project called Peace Camp 2012. I had no idea what it was about or why it was happening, all I saw was the weird tents on the front cover and that an installation would be taking place beside Penan, an hours drive from Aberdeen. I didn't really think any more about it until my friend mentioned that she was working on the project and would be coming up to help oversee the main event!

So as the final day of the installation drew closer we packed our bags and set off North. The drive up was pretty pleasant, the further we went the more remote the landscape becomes which always feels like a good sign. Eventually we came to the top of a steep hill which winds down and comes out between 2 houses on the Pennan harbour front.  The actual village is a beautiful sight in its own right, the quaint houses, the closeness of the sea, the large volcanic rocks, brilliant for scrambling over and the sense of peace that often comes with coastal towns.