26 Podcasts - The Kilau Sessions!

So with all the POST night's I have recorded everything, audio and visual wise and have been spending the last few months trying to sort out the good and the bad and assembling it into some kind of order. The older stuff is pretty much sorted which left the 6 odd hours from POST # 7 which took place in May! Finally after what seemed like a lifetime the files are edited into sections and my hard drive is free! 

The only problem is I have fresh mixes to sort out from Yogi who did a Like A Daydream Special down at 26 Collective Studios along with mixes from Digital Stich & MWX who played at one of the Mural nights, not to mention DJ Bad Panda and myself will be mixing it up tonight for the Friday Mural night. When will it end! You can listen on our Mixcloud here!

Below you can listen to and watch all 4 podcasts in order as they happened on the night with selections from myself (MoC) J Stax, Stew Cat, John A and Pigeoncatcher! I don't know why we bother with false names but I think it makes us sound cooler and mysterious? Only kidding, you can listen to them in sequence and get a feel for what the night was like, we even made a wee video from the night which you can watch here

J Stax & MoC Kilau 3's Mix (Studio 26 Podcast # 15) from 26 Collective Studios on Vimeo.

J Stax & Stew Cat Kilau Mix # 2 (Studio 26 Podcast # 16) from 26 Collective Studios on Vimeo.

26 Collective Kilau Mix # 3 (Studio 26 Podcast # 17) from 26 Collective Studios on Vimeo.

26 Collective Kilau Mix # 4 (Studio 26 Podcast # 18) from 26 Collective Studios on Vimeo.

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