Performance Mini Festival!

Performance Mini Festival is...........

"Taking place from the 12th to the 20th of June, around Aberdeen. We will host a series of talks, workshops, and performances throughout the eight days.

Tuesday 12th Informal discussion on performance, Peacock, 1930

Wednesday 13th Performance via Skype (Connor Baird, Daria Giver), LB, 2000

Thursday 14th Beach performance (Amal Armstrong...), 14000
Thursday 14th video&sculpture (Doaa Kandil...) + CAAPS presents -= A PARTY=-), LB, 1930

Friday 15th Degree show opening, Grays.

Saturday 16th Union Terrace Gardens performances (Karolina Szpyrko& Peter McRae), 14000
Saturday 16th Play (Duncan Comrie, with Peter McRae) +
Music (Haig Massie & Laura Thompson), Project Slogan, 1930

Sunday 17th Creative workshop + Drawing workshop (Ed Walton), LB, 1300
Sunday 17th Play (Ed Walton, with Laura Thompson) + Music (Stewart Ross), LB, 1930

Monday 18th Beth Savage's Workshop: IN:HABITat, Peacock, 1100
Monday 18th Lulu Obermayer's and Susannah Stark's performance, Peacocks (Castle Street), 1600
Monday 18th Performances (Beth Savage, Amber Robertson, Naomi McAllister,Lulu Obermayer), LB, 1930

Tuesday 19th Lulu Obermayer's and Susannah Stark's performance, Peacocks (Castle Street), 1200
Tuesday 19th Responding to Art workshop, Grays, 1400
Tuesday 19th Amber Robertson's workshop, LB, 1930

Wednesday 20th Jonathan Baxter's Workshop: A Workshop of Ordinary Things, LB, 1000
Wednesday 20th Performance (Karolina Szpyrko, Peter McRae, Conor Baird), LB, 1930

LB= Limousine Bull :)

Events are subject to change, keep an eye out for updates. Also, if you are interested in putting on an event (workshop, performance, talk, music, play etc) please email either myself (Laura Thomson), Peter Mcrae or Karolina Szpyrko ASAP.

There will also be an acoustic gig held at the end of this month for fundraising, £3 to get in, acts to be confirmed - watch this space!

Check the Facebook page here for updates!

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