Jason Corbett - Tattooist & Gentleman!

I recently had the pleasure of being tattooed by Jason Corbett who currently works at Red Hot & Blue in Edinburgh. I first properly took note of Jason's work when he tattooed my flat mates elbow with a beautiful mandala in these amazing colours, so bright and fresh looking. Jason was really great and allowed me to sit in and watch and chat.

When I found out Jason was on the move and might not be back for a while I decided to book in. Being a summer baby (9th July to be exact) I decided to get a crab with a mandala on its back. You can see the finished piece below along with some examples of Jason's other work. 

Although it was a bit nippy the over all experience of being tattooed by Jason was a pleasurable one and I'm gonna be saving some space for when he returns or I can afford to go visit him abroad! Until then ill be paying Paul another visit around September, hes the owner of Red Hot and also an amazing tattooist, with a 3 month waiting list! Ill do a little piece about him soon. Until then I'd like to wish Jason and his girl all the best in the future adventures, look forward to catching you again and hopefully I won't be too Crabby!

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