"A is for....." Awesome!

If you don't know Paul Slifer then shame on you! Well not really, unless your into tattoo's then you probably wouldn't have heard of him. Paul is the owner of Red, Hot & Blue Tattoo in Edinburgh, I've been working on my arm with him for the last year and I'm always blown away by his ability to take an idea, sketch something up and then make it permanent on your skin! 

Anyway Paul has a new project going in the shape of "A is for Anchor" a children's alphabet book with illustrations inspired by traditional Western tattoo art. Here's what Paul had to say about the project:

"A is for Anchor is a delightful illustrated alphabet inspired by classic images from traditional tattoo designs. Written and illustrated by renowned tattoo artist Paul Slifer, the book combines his love for classic tattoo art with his interest in children's books since becoming a father to two girls. Painted in the traditional 'flash' style of tattoo design making, A is for Anchor, was made to appeal to parents looking for a unique alphabet book for their children as well as fans of tattoo art and illustrated books. With its retro, folk art charm and engaging verse, A is for Anchor is a playful book which celebrates an antiquated artistic heritage in a new and innovative way. Destined to become a classic!".

So if you like tattoo art and you like the alphabet then this could be right up your street! Paul also has some new prints, "Our Lady" available from the shop so get in touch with them before they sell out! Can't wait to see the finished books which are due out next year, suppose I should book another appointment before then too, try and get this arm finished off!

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