4H+ by Smart Consultants!

Another show to check out, its pretty amazing just how much the ladies are getting through at the moment between shows and work shops at their new West End HQ but also finding amazing spaces to put on pop up shows like the 4H+ show which opens for 3 days only starting this weekend!

"The Henderson Family

Our father, WJ Henderson, started work as an apprentice draftsman/engineer, aged 14 in 1935, at Hall Russell Ship Building Yard Aberdeen and worked there in pivotal roles till he retired at 65. He and our mother Anne devoted their lives to raising and supporting their four children; Brian, Anne, Gail and David and their subsequent families. One of the special threads running strongly through our family is an innate creativity that has manifested itself in our choice of studies, careers and personal pursuits in the visual arts. This creative legacy is by no means unique to the Henderson’s, but it has acted as a catalyst to hosting an exhibition, which celebrates the result.

This opportunity serves to pull together a visual record of pieces created by our family, some for personal reasons, but mainly as a social insight into what links any family together through the generations.

Anne Marquiss"

Certainly peaked my interest, the exhibition runs from this Saturday (23rd June) til Monday and is open from 11am til 4pm each day! For more details check the event page HERE! 

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