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Derrick Argent @ The Open Door Gallery!

Derrick Argent is a photographer based in Glasgow who produces rather nice portraits of beautiful women as well as geometric manipulations of architecture objects. The Open Door Gallery is a new venture by Rebecca E. Patterson, aiming to give new and up and coming artists a place to exhibit work etc. This make for a good match. You can see Derrick's work at The Open Door or via his website and find out more about The Open Door here, will need to do a proper investigation soon!

'ISLAND' by Bobby Niven @ Peacock Visual Arts!

'ISLAND' is the current show running at Peacock Visual Arts by Fife born artist Bobby Niven. For this project Bobby spent time on the small island of Inchgarvie which sits just below the Fourth Railway bridge, quite a fascinating site and somewhere I'd like to do some work at myself. Anyway here's some blurb

"ISLAND is based around the strange architectural history of Inchgarvie whose now uninhabited ruins tell of past lives as a castle, a prison, a quarantine and a foundry and accommodation for the workers who built the Forth Rail Bridge under whose shadow it sits. 
Like the Inchgarvie ruins themselves ISLAND is comprised of distinct but related parts: the film, the grey room of concrete sculptures and the orange room of objects and artefacts."
There's some really nice big objects to look at, a weird film and then another room that will bring these 2 things together in quite a nice way. 'ISLAND' is on until the 7th July so check it out now!

CAAPS @ Limousine Bull!

The second best band in the 26 Studio finally broke out of Stewart's tiny art space to showcase their sultry jams for a busy room full of art babes and weirdos! The gig was part of the Performance Mini Festival which I'm ashamed to say I missed most of but only because I was busy with my own pre arranged cultural activities down at 26! Anyway here's some pics from the debut Caaps gig, you can catch them a week on Saturday at The Lost Cafe in New Pitsligo! Until then check out what you missed, taps aff!

More pics can be seen on the CAAPS Official Facebook page!

4H+ by Smart Consultants!

Another show to check out, its pretty amazing just how much the ladies are getting through at the moment between shows and work shops at their new West End HQ but also finding amazing spaces to put on pop up shows like the 4H+ show which opens for 3 days only starting this weekend!

"The Henderson Family

Our father, WJ Henderson, started work as an apprentice draftsman/engineer, aged 14 in 1935, at Hall Russell Ship Building Yard Aberdeen and worked there in pivotal roles till he retired at 65. He and our mother Anne devoted their lives to raising and supporting their four children; Brian, Anne, Gail and David and their subsequent families. One of the special threads running strongly through our family is an innate creativity that has manifested itself in our choice of studies, careers and personal pursuits in the visual arts. This creative legacy is by no means unique to the Henderson’s, but it has acted as a catalyst to hosting an exhibition, which celebrates the result…

"A is for....." Awesome!

If you don't know Paul Slifer then shame on you! Well not really, unless your into tattoo's then you probably wouldn't have heard of him. Paul is the owner of Red, Hot & Blue Tattoo in Edinburgh, I've been working on my arm with him for the last year and I'm always blown away by his ability to take an idea, sketch something up and then make it permanent on your skin! 

Anyway Paul has a new project going in the shape of "A is for Anchor" a children's alphabet book with illustrations inspired by traditional Western tattoo art. Here's what Paul had to say about the project:

"A is for Anchor is a delightful illustrated alphabet inspired by classic images from traditional tattoo designs. Written and illustrated by renowned tattoo artist Paul Slifer, the book combines his love for classic tattoo art with his interest in children's books since becoming a father to two girls. Painted in the traditional 'flash' style of tattoo desig…

WLD WLVS Pop Up @ 26 Collective Studios!

The lovely Wolf brothers asked if they could do a pop up shop to help launch their new t shirt range. Since it features designs by studio peeps like Craig Barrowman and Collective 62 (Mike from Indian Red Lopez) it seemed only right to say yes! You can now see the full range and purchase some WLD WLVS Merch HERE!

Mural Project Update # 3!

The Mural Project is starting to shape up a bit more, we've had some old friends and new friends come down and join in the fun! We have Yogi from One Up doing a special shoegaze dj set for us on Saturday so feel free to pop past and say hi, maybe bring a bottle, maybe bring a pen? The beasting piece you can see at the bottom is by Stuart Allan, a good friend and a great artist! You can find out more and see the progress via the 26 Collective facebook page.