Mural Project Update # 1!

The Mural Project is my little brain child. The idea is basically to get some young and emerging artists involved in a cool project at our studios, a chance for them to come and chill with established creatives like Jim Ewan, Craig Barrowman and myself

Aberdeen is relatively small yet the art community doesn't seem to branch out much so we've extended invitations to students from Grays as well as Aberdeen University, not to mention all the individuals who have probably been creating in secret for years, too shy to share their work. 

Hopefully over the coming months we will have a massive black and white mural for all to admire, were also thinking to produce a zine with a page from each muralist and might even get some t shirts printed up with artists designs, who knows! Anyway, collaboration is key so if you wanna get involved either muraling or maybe spinning some records for one of our mix tapes then hit us up on the 26 Collective Facebook page

All pics are of my piece and if your wondering about the Star Wars tv, it was May the 4th! If you don't get it then, well yeah. More pics and updates coming soon!

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