Eight Arms of Inspiration: The Octopus Project!

Stuart Allan put me onto this project when he finished a beautiful and dark octopus print and then submitted it for The Octopus Project. Some pretty amazing work is featured on the facebook page so I initially trawled through it picking out my favourites with the intention of posting 8 (Octo after all) but really struggled because there's just so many awesome pics. But I managed to narrow it down to these 16! And the first one below is by Stuart Allan and you can now buy a limited edition print from his big cartel store! 16 x 8 Arms = Lots of Inspiration!!!

Stuart Allan
Angela Curtis
Jose Carrasquillo

Eva Huber

Kasey Tararuj
Aaron Bell
Andy Council
Brambora Czech
Carlo Keshishian
Dan Henk
Julie Linden
Matt Watson
Ryan Bonsal
Steve Grimwade
Vicki Death

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