Alter Ego Exhibition @ Red Bull Studios, London!

Picked up on this one through the amazing Klingatron. Some of his amazing stencil work has blessed the walls at Aberdeen's Transition Extreme and since seeing it I've been a big fan. For this project he was invited to join 6 other artists to create new work exploring the theme of dual identity, via some of the greatest comic book superheros of our time! The results are all fantastic with each artist taking on different characters in their own style and their own interpretation. I really love these kind of projects as they really get the creative juices flowing and shows the kind of magic that can happen when you bring the right people together under one cool idea! Here's the official blurb.

"With work from Cottonmouth, Guy McKinley, Klingatron, Robert Ball, Smug, Waste and WJC exploring the idea of having a second identity, as modern society becomes more virtual, individuals are able to project an image of themselves that allows separation from reality bringing with it a perceived identity of fearless power and confidence. Alter Ego is a group exhibition bringing together a variety of styles from graffiti to illustration with each artist studying the theme of a second personality through a mutual influence of popular culture comic books."

Check out the work for sale HERE

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