Save The Bull A4 Exhibition @ Limousine Bull!

If you didn't already know, Limousine Bull has been put in a slight akward position due to a funding gap between their existing funding running out and their next batch of funding kicking in. I'm not sure of the exact details but with most things in life a little bit of pressure and probably a large dose of stress can lead to inovative ideas, hence the poster below! 

"Limousine Bull invites you all to donate a maximum of 4 pieces to their A4 exhibition. All pieces will be sold for £10 and all funds raised will be put towards keeping Limousine Bull Open. All pieces must be A4 size but the rest is up to you, both 2D & 3D work will be accepted. Deadline for entries is April 28th with opening night on May th. The exhibition will run from 6th - 21st May"

So a chance to be part of a group show at Limousine Bull and a chance to help keep a local run arts organisation going. Now to find some of my own work that is worth as much as a tenner, hmmmm tough one!

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