Mark McCracken @ Smart Gallery!

Mark McCracken is a name you should be familiar with since he's the gent who will see to all your framing needs at Peacock Visual Arts. If Smart is ringing a bell but you can't quite place it think Smart Consultants, the ladies behind the Foyer exhibitions and the Tea Cosy Craft Fair's. The Smart ladies have recently aquired some exhibition space in a rather nice West End office building in Aberdeen, Albyn Terrace to be precise. 

Anyway the debut show at the new space is a series of prints created using a new technique developed by Mark. Using water colour pencils, he creates pixelated portraits of celebrities and some locals faces which are rendered on triangulated graph paper. These are then soaked and a pressing is taken from the originals and as you can imagine with each new pressing the colours fade a little more each time meaning no two prints will ever really be the same. When Mark explained the technique I was quite excited by how cool it sounds but also how simple it is. And the results, well they speak for themselves, Lana Del Ray being quite stunning when you see the original up close but its amazing how quickly the eye deciphers the pixel to reveal familiar faces like Thom Yorke, Audrey Tatou and Scarlett Johansen. Make sure to pop in past and see Mark's work before the next show goes up at the end of April!

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