KIN // Gray's Pre-Degree Show & The Obsidian Isle @ Peacock Visual Arts!

Degree Show time rolls round again and Gray's becomes a hive of mini nervous breakdowns. However just before the pressure really mounts up the students get a chance to exhibit some of their work in smaller group shows scattered around Scotland. The sculpture students have branched out and decided to hold their pre degree show down in Glasgow on the 24th of April, titled The Impossibility of Choosing. I'm also wondering if the PeM students will be holding their show at Limousine Bull whom have had a fair time of it recently with funding gaps etc, read more here!

The Gray's 4th year print making students currently have their work on display at Peacock Visual Arts, situated down a back alley in the Castle Gate but don't let that put you off. Although the free whisky is finished its still worth popping down to see what the students have been up to, tucked away in Castle Gray's School (if you don't get it then your too young / old). Whenever I walk around the art school I'm amazed at how much exciting work is being produced but very little of it filters out past the art school gates so this is a perfect chance to see fresh work and fresh faces who will all hopefully go onto bigger things.

And if that isn't reason enough to pop down then you can also check a brilliant exhibition in the main gallery, The Obsidian Isle by Gayle Chong Kwan. Miniature environments, giant prints and a strange array of nick knacks, definitely worth a look so get down before the shows change again!

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