The Obsidian Isle // Gayle Chong Kwan @ Peacock Visual Arts!

Opening Friday 23rd March, this looks like a show not to be missed! Kwan creates these amazing minature enviroments that seem to recall great empires from by gone ages. The Obsidian Isle is his newest body of work which will be on show at PVA a week on Friday. 

"The Obsidian Isle' is a significant new body of work for Chong Kwan which documents a fictional island located off the west coast of Scotland, on which reside one country's lost and destroyed buildings and places. Presented as an installation of photographic and sculptural works, 'The Obsidian Isle' explores collective history, national identity, and landscape and tourism through the prism of the senses and the distortion of memories."

You can read more on the PVA site HERE!

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