Mark Lyken 'The Loneliness Machines' @ Recoat Gallery!

I was a little sad when I thought I wouldn't get a chance to see The Loneliness Machines show by Mark Lyken at Recoat Gallery as the month was almost up and I seemed to have a lot of things on but I realised all I had to do was stay up till 7am and get on a bus to Glasgow, after watching 80 ravers lose their minds at the studio!

So what did the Recoat Gallery have in store? Abstracted graffiti forms on the walls, on canvas, sculpture, a music piece, a video piece, pretty much a full gallery installation and some interesting social commentary on the digital age! And if that isn't good enough then check out the 80085 calculator. I'd definately say it was worth the all nighter and the horrible experience that is the megabus. Had a nice chat with the Recoat peeps who are always very friendly and accomodating when I've been down and  always have amazing shows lined up. Might aswell book the bus again for next weekend as the next show will up and looks pretty good!

All photos from the Graffuturism Blog!

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