Let It Bleed x MoC x 2MANYDJS @ The Forum!

So if you wan't to see loads of people going mental at 2 Many Djs a few weeks ago then click HERE. Instead of showing a heap of photos of people having a good time I wanted to share a little bit about what I do for the Let It Bleed nights. So about 2 years ago I met Let It Bleed main  honcho and he asked about doing some live visuals for Pat Mahoney (LCD Soundsystem), now compared to doing visuals for my mates in Cellar 35 this was pretty big.That night is stuck in my mind as being one of the best parties & dj sets I've been witness too. Pat was also a super nice guy we spoke for hours about life & death & Scotland. At the end of the night we walked him back to his hotel and we all exchanged big man hugs and went home happy. 

Since then I've gone out of my way with set ups and visuals for Let It Bleed and have been lucky enough to do visuals along with my Uber AV partner Ben for some of the biggest names in modern dance music, that infamous DJ Mehdi Halloween special where he was so suprised that everyone was dressed up and had he known he'd have worn a costume, Pete Tong and his great personality, haha, The 2 Bears who are honestly 2 of the nicest guys around and of course 2 Many Djs. But its not all sitting around in the dressing room hanging with the djs and having fun!

First up I spend about 3 hours making up logo dvds which will form part of the visuals. Using an old panasonic video mixer, I can highlight the logos over a 2nd or 3rd feed, whether this be a dvd or a live camera feed. Then I have to take the mixer, dvd players and all my cables to the Forum. Then drag all the tvs you see at the front of the stage down from the lock up and arrange them onstage. Then once the mixer side is hooked up I need to take a feed out to a splitter which then splits the signal 6 ways. These feeds are then wired into the tvs, using adapters these feeds are split again so I can cover all the screens. That set up usually takes about 3 hours to test everything and get it all working, also this is when I realise 3 or 4 of the tvs are fucked and end up putting on white noise instead. I don't like that, its boring!

Then I usually get about an hour to get home, chill, get cleaned up, eat and then head back down to switch everything on in time for doors opening. Finally the fun bit where I get to cut up old vhs taps and dvds to create a visual back drop for the djs. If the dj is playing stuff that floats my boat then ill get more hands on and try and mix visuals in time to the music. Sometimes I put on a random video and it just works perfectly, other times its just becomes something to look at but hopefuly it add a little something extra to the night that you wont find, on that scale anyway anywhere else in Aberdeen. 

But of course I shouldnt harp on about all my hard graft without giving credit to the team, Scott who runs the show, organising and preparing for months at a time to bring up big names, the Forum crew who are constantly opening doors for me, the sound team, Aaron etc who play the most important role on the night, it really is a team effort. Anyway hope that kinda lets you into what I do and the kinda time involved etc, its not easy but the best things never are. Onto the next one then!

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