Stray Dog Present Kuba Markowski @ Bar 99's!

I was excited when my friend Kuba asked about using the dark room facilities (the bathroom) down at Studio 26 to print some of his photos for an up coming exhibition at Bar 99's! Curated by Stray Dog, Kuba chose to focus on one of his great passion beside photography, the Thai national sport Muay Thai. Having spent a month in Thailand training and partying Kuba is pretty knowlegable about the sport and has competed in a few fights but chose to concentrate on what goes on backstage at these events.

With access to the backstage area at the Muay Thai event held at the Beach Ballroom in November, Kuba set about capturing the fighters and the atmosphere of the event. Its strange to see the tiny spaces that the fighters get to prepare in, there's definately no space for diva antics here. There's a real tension before the fights as well, each team getting ready for brutal action which is about to take place but the beauty is seeing the fighters afterwards when all the tension has gone and all thats left is pure exhausted relief and the cameraderie of warriors. 

Kuba's exhibition will be on show upstairs in Bar 99's until the 8th of March so pop along and check it out!

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