'Humble Occupation' @ Project Slogan!

Just some snaps from the 'Humble Occupation' opening by Stray Dog at Project Slogan. Each cup has been hand crafted by Ehren Tool, a US based potter and former US Marine. His work deals with the theme of War and its filtration into mainstream culture and the impacts this has on our perceptions of it.

Ehren was kind enough to set up a Skype session from his basement studio, so while we looked at his work he was making more cups across the globe and having a wee dram too. Very nice chap and some really beautiful and engaging work, if you didn't make it down yet then I highly recommend popping in tomorrow before its all boxed up and sent back to the US. Big pat on the back to Craig, Jim & Dave (Stray Dog) for getting the work over here and setting up such an amazing show!

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