Stray Dog & Kieran McCrudden!

So Stray Dog had an incredible year in 2011 organising some great shows both here and abroad as well putting on a rather nice publicly engaging art event at Union Terrace Gardens. Said event is of course "The Wishing Mountain", a collaboration between Stray Doggers Craig Barrowan & Jim Ewan. After a few failed attempts (cardboard mountain x Aberdeen weather = soggy mess) the guys finally got their mountain out into the world. Designed and built by Craig with music & sound effects by Jim, The Wishing Mountain was truelly bourne from the spirit of collaboration. The guys also made this rather nice video to document the magical day, which you can watch below! Although I'm having a bit of a Goonies moment because I finally got my wish into the mountain but it never came true, that'd be me in the denim shorts. Achh well can't always get what ya wish for!

And next up is a short video from Studio 26 member Stewart Ross about fellow studio head Kieran McCrudden. Or more specifically about his recent art show at Limousine Bull! You can get an insight into the ideas behind "Futurising" and see what the exhibition looked like, all good work and another lovely collaboration. I've often thought about changing Mood of Collapse to Mood of Collaboration, maybe this will be the year to do it!

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