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Miss Foxette by A Wooden Tree!

A Wooden Tree is the pseudonym of Edinburgh based crafter Kirsty Anderson. Kirsty hand crafts beautifully stuffed animals, mountains and clouds using a variety to techniques and is well know for her stuffed stag heads which adorn quite a few of myfriends walls, hopefully my own very soon! Anyway Kirsty has been busy over the festive period with various craft fairs up and down the country where she's unveiled her latest creation, Miss Foxette!

When I saw the photos I just had to pop em up. Mixing her designs with vintage fabrics really creates something special that makes Kirsty's work stand out, I think every house needs a Miss Foxette to brighten it up, especially on a wet droll day like today! You can hook up with A Wooden Tree on Facebook or follow her blog HERE and be sure to get those orders in asap!

Stray Dog Arts present Humble Occupation @ Project Slogan!

Those lovely lads from Stray Dog have managed to secure quite an amazing show to kick off 2012 in the shape of Humble Occupation by Ehren Tool. A Califronian native, Ehren hand moulds his beautiful cups which carry a little piece of his story with them, often dealing with issues and subject matter which can be difficult to translate into real conversations.
Well thats what I took from this wonderful interview with Ehren on In The Make. There's been a good run of art shows in Aberdeen over the last few years with Peacock Visual Arts, Limousine Bull & Project Slogan all putting on some great work but its great to have Stray Dog Arts  stepping in as well and bringing more great work into the fold. I'm really looking forward to seeing Humble Occupation and reading the stories contained within these ceramic gems. Humble Occupation runs from 21st to the 26th February at Project Slogan, do not miss it!

MoC - Man at Work!

Finally after about 6 months of thinking about it, I sat down and huffed some spraypaint. Well that was more a side effect of spraying paint as apposed to huff it to get high but the results have been fun. The idea is to use spray paint to create nice backgrounds and painting things over the top of them creating big painting versions of this! I think I've finally got the background sorted, had some trial & error which is always good, learning new techniques and how to get the effect I want has been good, a nice learning curve. 

So the plan, spend more time in the studio, not on facebook, get more discarded wooden boards, pick new designs to start working on, make up canvases, pick more new designs, print some older designs, host art show at art venue, make loads of money, retire! Simple non? Well watch this space anyway!

Stray Dog & Kieran McCrudden!

So Stray Dog had an incredible year in 2011 organising some great shows both here and abroad as well putting on a rather nice publicly engaging art event at Union Terrace Gardens. Said event is of course "The Wishing Mountain", a collaboration between Stray Doggers Craig Barrowan & Jim Ewan. After a few failed attempts (cardboard mountain x Aberdeen weather = soggy mess) the guys finally got their mountain out into the world. Designed and built by Craig with music & sound effects by Jim, The Wishing Mountain was truelly bourne from the spirit of collaboration. The guys also made this rather nice video to document the magical day, which you can watch below! Although I'm having a bit of a Goonies moment because I finally got my wish into the mountain but it never came true, that'd be me in the denim shorts. Achh well can't always get what ya wish for!

And next up is a short video from Studio 26 member Stewart Ross about fellow studio head Kieran McCrudden. O…

POST # 4 @ Studio 26!

Some photos from POST # 4 with special guest Shaz all the way from Brighton, although somehow managed to not take any photos of her djing! But you can see the set up as modelled by studio bad man DJ Pigeoncatcher. Sadly hes decided his time in Aberdeen is up and will be on the move back to Edinburgh soon but I'm really chuffed with the work we've done together over the last few months and all the creative collaborations. Here's hoping that we can keep going even though there's gonna be a few hundred miles to travel!
Anyway its taken me a bit longer to get the next set of live podcasts ready for public consumption but I should have one ready for tomorrow. Challenge set! In the mean time check out some photos from POST # 4, the live dj sets from # 4 should be pretty fun, some Christmas cheer for all via Nat King Cole & Dean Martin!

Grays Degree Show 2011 Video!

One of the best things about work last year was getting to spend a few days running around Grays seeing all the degree show work up close and personal for this video, which I helped film and do the rough edits for. Gives you a chance to see it all again!

Jenny Hood @ Kilau Coffee!

And some pics of Jenny Hood's work going up. Some nice collage works well worth a looksie so pop into Kilau for a coffee, a crepe and an eye full of art!