Studio 26 Podcast # 1&2 - MoC & Pigeoncatcher!

After some discussion down the basement we've decided it would be cool to start releasing our own podcasts. The main ideas so far all revolve around musical mixes but there's scope for so much more if we start getting artists involved for crits and the like. Anyway we've recorded all the music from the POST events along with the visuals which have been tied together for the videos below! There's also a mix cloud version aswell if you cant be bothered with the visuals, theyre just the usual from me, Arnie & Ullyses 31 etc. 

Anyway there should be a new mix going up every Friday until we run out of records or friends who are willing to spin some tunes for us. The first proper mix was recorded on Wednesday by my good friend DJ Bad Panda who showed me some turntable tricks, hes got skills that really only come with years of bedroom practice so keep an eye out for that mix coming real soon! Until then enjoy these mixes from me & Pigeoncatcher!

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