POST # 1 & 2 @ 26 Collective Studios!

POST is a new weekly get together down at the studio. All we want to do is listen to some tunes, play around with visuals, maybe record some dj sets, show some films, encourage people to draw, experiment, discuss and think. All pretty easy going, were just providing the space for people to expand their brains after a week at work or in the studio, a space to come and unwind in and speak freely!

Were hoping to record pod casts every week, whether this be dj sets or playlists people have submitted along with visuals from a selection of local film makers and vjs.If you have any ideas or would like to contribute to any up coming events then please feel free to email me at, I might not get back to you but its worth a shot anyway! You can listen & watch my first pod cast here! The 3rd POST event is taking place this Saturday, details here!

POST # 1 - MoC + Pigeoncatcher + Stewcat

 POST # 2 - M83 x Fantasia + MoC + Pigeoncatcher + DJ Bad Panda + VJ AB

Photos by me & Callum.

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