Guest @ Grays - Kate E. Deeming!

For all the moaning I do about my work I am very lucky. The team I work with are on the whole a good bunch and sometimes I get the chance to film lectures of interest to me. Such as the most recent Guest at Gray's lecture by Kate E. Deeming.

Kate's story is pretty special, working in Sri Lanka with orphans and young people who's lives have been effected by the Civil War & the tsunami, teaching them about dance and about how to find the joy even when life has dealt you a raw deal. Her story was truly heart warming and uplifting in the sense that she helped them to find the magic in the small moments, the chances to express themselves any way they can which is a big part of what Kate's work is about.

I don't want to spend ages re telling her story as a quick scan through her blog will tell you all you need to know but to bring it up to date she's been dancing at the same spot next to the river Clyde for the past 500 days. These mini dances started as a way for Kate to reconnect with the people she met in Sri Lanka but it's become so much more, its become a way for her to express herself but also a way for her to connect to a whole new audience of people who work in the offices overlooking the Clyde and the passer's by who are curious about what shes doing.

It's hard to put into words but what Kate does, what she's about and how she does it is something pretty special. Its creative, its fun and beautiful all at the same time but it also embodies some sadness, it takes all the raw deals that get thrown at you and she takes them and transforms them into movement, arms sweeping, legs gyrating, feet tapping, whatever it is its always right for that moment in time. Nothing is scripted, nothing is pre concieved its just a pure transition of negative into positive.

After spending a few minutes talking to Kate you really get a strong positive feeling from her and you will probably walk away feeling like you've just had a mind spa. I don't know how to say it but I guess its nice to meet someone who's out there doing it, giving something back and hopefully making a bit of a difference to the people who need it. Highly recommend checking out her work and drop her an email too, sure she'd love to hear from you. Also check out the rather beautiful video of Kate dancing below!

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