BP Portrait Awards @ Aberdeen Art Gallery!

The BP Portrait Awards is always a big deal. The sheer amount of work and the high standard always insure that it will be worth a look. I've always enjoyed portraiture more than any other art form, being able to capture the unseen, a persons essence or life force with a few strokes is a talent that should held in high regard! 

The BP show is a great chance to see lots of work that always strives to be diverse in the range of styles and mediums they present. My friend Stuart is always disappointed by the amount of photo realistic work as he believes in seeing the painters hand in his paintings, photo realistic might as well just be a photograph. I agree but at the same time fully appreciate the level of skill involved in producing such highly detailed work. My 2 favourite paintings from this years show (see below) both capture their subjects on quite different scales but they really speak to me, I feel as if there's some shared history between us that I have yet to unlock. 

On a whole there's a very high standard of work on show this year and its definitely worth a stroll round Aberdeen Art Gallery. The show runs from now until the 21st January!

Abi by Nathan Ford
Venus As A Boy by Wen Wu