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Merry Christmas xXx

Merry Krampus, I mean Christmas to everyone, here's hoping its a lovely day spent with friends & family, if so then were lucky!

Guest @ Grays - Kate E. Deeming!

For all the moaning I do about my work I am very lucky. The team I work with are on the whole a good bunch and sometimes I get the chance to film lectures of interest to me. Such as the most recent Guest at Gray's lecture by Kate E. Deeming.
Kate's story is pretty special, working in Sri Lanka with orphans and young people who's lives have been effected by the Civil War & the tsunami, teaching them about dance and about how to find the joy even when life has dealt you a raw deal. Her story was truly heart warming and uplifting in the sense that she helped them to find the magic in the small moments, the chances to express themselves any way they can which is a big part of what Kate's work is about.
I don't want to spend ages re telling her story as a quick scan through her blog will tell you all you need to know but to bring it up to date she's been dancing at the same spot next to the river Clyde for the past 500 days. These mini dances started as a way f…

BP Portrait Awards @ Aberdeen Art Gallery!

The BP Portrait Awards is always a big deal. The sheer amount of work and the high standard always insure that it will be worth a look. I've always enjoyed portraiture more than any other art form, being able to capture the unseen, a persons essence or life force with a few strokes is a talent that should held in high regard! 

The BP show is a great chance to see lots of work that always strives to be diverse in the range of styles and mediums they present. My friend Stuart is always disappointed by the amount of photo realistic work as he believes in seeing the painters hand in his paintings, photo realistic might as well just be a photograph. I agree but at the same time fully appreciate the level of skill involved in producing such highly detailed work. My 2 favourite paintings from this years show (see below) both capture their subjects on quite different scales but they really speak to me, I feel as if there's some shared history between us that I have yet to unlock. 

On a …

Christmas Party @ Project Slogan!

Kinda says it all, see you there!

Studio 26 Podcast # 1&2 - MoC & Pigeoncatcher!

After some discussion down the basement we've decided it would be cool to start releasing our own podcasts. The main ideas so far all revolve around musical mixes but there's scope for so much more if we start getting artists involved for crits and the like. Anyway we've recorded all the music from the POST events along with the visuals which have been tied together for the videos below! There's also a mix cloud version aswell if you cant be bothered with the visuals, theyre just the usual from me, Arnie & Ullyses 31 etc. 

Anyway there should be a new mix going up every Friday until we run out of records or friends who are willing to spin some tunes for us. The first proper mix was recorded on Wednesday by my good friend DJ Bad Panda who showed me some turntable tricks, hes got skills that really only come with years of bedroom practice so keep an eye out for that mix coming real soon! Until then enjoy these mixes from me & Pigeoncatcher!

MoC Uber AV Mix (Studio …

M83 x Fantasia = Mantasia 83!

Had a bit of a brain wave the other night while doing some visuals, M83 tunes with Fantasia! Well I think it looks awesome and I only had to swap out 2 songs that I thought didn't work that well. The question is does M83 sound like it could have been recorded in the 1960's or was Fantasia just ahead of its time? I guess I leave you to figure that one out, enjoy!

Mantasia83 Part 1 from Über AV on Vimeo.

Tea Cosy @ The Cowdary!

Some snaps from the Christmas Tea Cosy fair at the Cowdary Hall! I pretty much only know its Christmas because the Tea Cosy lassies roll out their round tables and I get to see lots of amazing hand crafted work from some of the best artists, crafters & jewellery makers from across Scotland. You can see the vendors list here, my personal highlights were seeing Siobhan Ogg & Kirsty Andersons tables, theyre both good friends but I really love their work. Also Kevin Andrew Morris beautiful stags head & Gabi Reiths work aslo stood out as being quite exceptionally good. 
But I can honestly say that every one who took part had amazing work and certainly covered a massive range of styles. I know the organisers put a hella lot of work into the fair but I can happily say it is more than worth it because Tea Cosy is such a highlight of the creatives year and I love it! Keep up to date with all their happenings via Smart Consultants!

POST # 3 & 4 @ Studio 26!

POST # 3 went down on Saturday and it turned into a very mixed bag of fruity delights. Opening the night J Stax played some rather nice ambient selections along with some minimal visuals, old super 8, black & white Godzilla (be up on the Vimeo & Mixcloud in a few weeks). I had another bash, round 3 for me this time starting with some ambient / acoustic treats blending into some more up tempo selections. 
Thankfuly DJ Bad Panda was on hand to show us how to get the party started with his ecclectic mix of funk / soul / hip hop / 80's bangers, always a good mix and a talented dj, Jonny really helped add some class to the night. After jumping back and forth with Jim they both stepped down to allow John A a turn who took the vibe in a whole new direction altogether. 
All the while the video mixer was being put to good use by myself, Fraser Denholm and new kid on the block Louie McCrudden who all created their own special blends using the limited selection of dvds I'd broug…