SHAPE @ Boarderline!

Sorry to say I missed the Kaplank Kapow Shape show this year but thankfully some good lads were on hand to document the work and the fun behind behind it! Looks like this could be an annual event so jigsaws oot!

'SHAPE' show night from Grand Pleb Miracle on Vimeo.

Kaplank Kapow Shape 2011 from Grand Pleb Miracle on Vimeo.

On a side note Katie mentioned Boarderline are getting in these sweet Stereo Vinyl Cruiser boards, I think ill need to get one for the summer days, oh how long is that gonna be! I remember the first skateboard I ever had was one of these, a little red number called the Red Devil, I think I bailed after about 2 minutes and my dad snapped it in half. Being a Heamophiliac and skateboarding didn't work too well as a kid, still not working so well as an adult but least I can make my own way to the hospital now!

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