The Little Kicks @ The Tunnels!

So I managed to find the time to go support some local bands at The Little Kicks headline gig at The Tunnels last weekend. I was lulled into a false sense of blandness by the first band, not to say they weren't good but it just didn't fit with my mood at the time, I wanted something to pick me up and make me feel good, I had a hangover from the night before and had been painting walls white for 5 hours! I still had paint on my hands but it didn't matter.

Thankfully the second band picked up the pace a little, a rocking 3 piece from Peterhead I believe. They played a pretty good set and had most of the audience paying attention, its always nice to be suprised at a gig, especially when its local bands. I think they were called Velvet Audio so check them out

But when The Little Kicks came on I was blown away by the sheer mentalness of the fans. There was most definately a circle of fear surrounding this 50 something guy and his 30 something son, although all he really did was some shoddy drunk dad air drumming while the son raised his arms in Liam Gallagheresque admiration, pretty harmless. It was their mate who took his top off and stood at the front of the stage who got me, he seemed to be asking the whole crowd for a fight. He later pulled down his pants and tucked his willy away, by far the most random thing I have ever seen at a gig. But thankfully the music had an over powering effect and people managed to find their groove and closed off the circle of fear and actually danced along with these happy mentals!

I thought it was a shame that the bands limelight was being stolen by these guys but to be honest The Little Kicks were so good that it could have been a topless lassie and I doubt it would have distracted me. I've seen them a few times, I consider them to be friends so it would be easy to suck up and say they were amazing but the fact is they actually were pretty amazing. Certainly pulling from their influences like LCD Soundsystem / Whites Boy Alive has brought out a more lively and fun band to watch who have only improved since their mini Uk tour the week before. It also made for some awesome dancing from the crowd who were well into the new tunes and really seemed to be giving as much as they got. 

My favourite fan was the bald guy who proceeded to jump around for the last 3 songs, almost taking out half the audience but he was really into it and its good to see that level of devotion, I just wish I'd been able to get my groove on as apposed to propping up the speaker but I had a great view of Lewis cheeky little smile so I was happy. But in all seriousness there's always the feeling when you see a local band your seeing a local band but The Little Kicks managed to break that barrier and became a great band who happened to roll through their home town. Fingers crossed the lads will continue to push their sound and get the recognition they deserve, 7 /10 in the NME for their new album aint bad though!