From A Basement On A Hill!

So its been a fairly busy time down at 26 studios especially for Kieran who has a solo show coming up in December at Limousine Bull! Hes been busy photographing friends for his project and I was lucky enough to be included as one of the models. Its been a long time since I'd been on the other end of the lens but it was pretty nice, just chillin with a bro and having a laugh. 

Really happy with how some of the shots came out too, been dipping into the makeshift dark room for a peak at what hes been up to and there's such a nice process to the portraits, well thought out and executed which sits nicely with his sculptural work which is a very on the fly working process, like a giant jigsaw that hasn't been defined yet.

I've been slowly getting back into using my room after what feels like an age of doing nothing. Took some heartache to give me that boost again but finally cut some new stencil back grounds and experimenting with ideas which is always fun. Also made some visuals for Halloween, was nice to set up all the gear and get some music on and see what happens when you mix Night of the Living Dead with Evil Dead 2, it appears they are almost exactly the same film? Who knew!

Jim has been busy as ever beavering away with his lush wooden panel paintings as well getting his drum on with the band, who have a new member but I don't know how much I can say but theyre sounding better than ever, fingers crossed for a psychedelic jam with visuals in the studio soon! Hes off to Lumsden again so hopefuly his wee not so wee space man piece will be progressing to the next stage!

Not sure what the rest of the gang have been up to but I'm sure with winter coming we will all be hybernating down at the cave a bit more and hopefuly the door will be open for some other people to come down and join in on the fun! Watch this space!

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