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The Little Kicks @ The Tunnels!

So I managed to find the time to go support some local bands at The Little Kicks headline gig at The Tunnels last weekend. I was lulled into a false sense of blandness by the first band, not to say they weren't good but it just didn't fit with my mood at the time, I wanted something to pick me up and make me feel good, I had a hangover from the night before and had been painting walls white for 5 hours! I still had paint on my hands but it didn't matter.

Thankfully the second band picked up the pace a little, a rocking 3 piece from Peterhead I believe. They played a pretty good set and had most of the audience paying attention, its always nice to be suprised at a gig, especially when its local bands. I think they were called Velvet Audio so check them out

But when The Little Kicks came on I was blown away by the sheer mentalness of the fans. There was most definately a circle of fear surrounding this 50 something guy and his 30 something son, although all he really did was s…

Syrup Soak @ Project Slogan!

Syrup Soak is the new tie dye fashion line from Pro Slo intern Conor. Conor has been very busy dieing various garments, socks, pants and bed sheets, adding a much needed touch of the psychedelic to these mundane items! A lot of people hate tie dye but I have to admit since I got my sweet blue swirl t-shirt in Denver I've been a fan of the d-i-y aesthetic. Hipsters love it too but thats ok with me, I bet they dont have tie dyed socks and pants with Beyonce's Foetus printed on them!

All the pieces in Conor's show are for sale, at quite affordable prices too and you can check out a selection of his fashions on the Syrup Soak web shop.

SHAPE @ Boarderline!

Sorry to say I missed the Kaplank Kapow Shape show this year but thankfully some good lads were on hand to document the work and the fun behind behind it! Looks like this could be an annual event so jigsaws oot!

'SHAPE' show night from Grand Pleb Miracle on Vimeo.

Kaplank Kapow Shape 2011 from Grand Pleb Miracle on Vimeo.

On a side note Katie mentioned Boarderline are getting in these sweet Stereo Vinyl Cruiser boards, I think ill need to get one for the summer days, oh how long is that gonna be! I remember the first skateboard I ever had was one of these, a little red number called the Red Devil, I think I bailed after about 2 minutes and my dad snapped it in half. Being a Heamophiliac and skateboarding didn't work too well as a kid, still not working so well as an adult but least I can make my own way to the hospital now!

Wild Beasts @ The Lemon Tree!

I first heard Wild Beasts thanks to a lovely lass who made me a mix cd last summer. The track in question was Devils Crayon (see vid below), what a tune. So I figured I'd go based on that and Stu's recommendation but funds were running short on the day of the gig along with energy. But Stu was kindly given 2 free tickets so we went along.

What followed was a pretty mesmerising hour of music, from the opening rumble of Bed of Nails right through to the slow burn of End Comes Too Soon. You can see a full review of the gig and set list on the Hercules Moments blog HERE! Even though I got to see them for free it would definitely have been worth the £16 ticket fee, they way they blend their instruments and duck and dive is pretty unique and unlike any other band I've seen in recent memory, the music most definitely comes first for these guys so if you get the chance go see them. Or just watch all these videos below!

From A Basement On A Hill!

So its been a fairly busy time down at 26 studios especially for Kieran who has a solo show coming up in December at Limousine Bull! Hes been busy photographing friends for his project and I was lucky enough to be included as one of the models. Its been a long time since I'd been on the other end of the lens but it was pretty nice, just chillin with a bro and having a laugh. 
Really happy with how some of the shots came out too, been dipping into the makeshift dark room for a peak at what hes been up to and there's such a nice process to the portraits, well thought out and executed which sits nicely with his sculptural work which is a very on the fly working process, like a giant jigsaw that hasn't been defined yet.
I've been slowly getting back into using my room after what feels like an age of doing nothing. Took some heartache to give me that boost again but finally cut some new stencil back grounds and experimenting with ideas which is always fun. Also made some v…

Let It Bleed Presents The 2 Bears @ Snafu!

Another top Let It Bleed night with the 2 Bears aka Raf Daddy & Joel Goddard. Last time the lads were up they played a blinder of a set at the Forum, you can watch the visuals along with the mix here! The lads rocked up from their hotel to a rammy jammied Snafu where Giles was getting everybody ready for the 2 Bears! The lads kept the dance floor full while the usual faces hung out back stage, thankfully WLD WLVS were on hand to get some snaps of the action! 
In fact I'm owe them a big thanks because the quality of the photography on this blog has greatly improved since I started nicking all their photos so check out their site HERE! Anyway feet were kept moving thanks to the ecclectic selections of the bears, personal highlight came in the shape of This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) by Talking Heads which ended a top set! Have to say a massive thanks to Raf & Joe for some positive words and advice, also for giving some props to my favourite tumblr site, Beards Always …