Julia & The Doogans & Lost & Found Turns 3 @ Project Slogan!

I've been a big fan of the Lost & Found nights. As always its a night of nice music, biscuits and friendly banter. But for the 3rd birthday they really did pull out all the stops. Well they made a GIANT Party Ring biscuit but it was bloody impressive! 

Anyway onto the main reason for attending Lost & Found, the impeccable choice of musicians chosen to grace our attentive lugs! Openers Cameo Colours are localish lads whom I had never heard before. They seemed to be singing songs and exploring theme's that go well beyond their boyish good looks. I was really impressed by the interplay of the two guitars and have definately become a fan. You can check them out here!

Next on the bill is suprise suprise, Sarah J Stanley! But to be honest I love Sarah to bits, her songs are well crafted dietys which for whatever reason really touch me! I always find myself being silenced by her voice and the depth of emotion that she sings of, almost trance like the effect it has. I think my favourite SJS song is All That Makes You Shine which is availabe HERE so check it out!

And finally Julia & The Doogans, minus the Doogans! I have to say I was completly mesmerised by Julia and her voice, she was shy and perhaps a little scared, sometimes a smaller audience can be more intimidating but she played such a beautiful selection of songs, some of which have become quite poinant in my own head. Heartache, loss and finding the strength to carry on as well as a Katy Perry cover had me sold! I was lucky enough to catch an unplugged session they recorded but didn't the next day at Slogan which again almost had me in tears. I bought a CD which has been played alot, Hummingbird being a particular favourite! I highly recommend going to her website, buying a copy of the Come Home ep and then sign up to download all the free tracks too, you won't regret it, who knew Coldplay could sound so good!

If the videos from the party ever make it online I definately won't be sharing them but "Who Runs the World (Gurls) now has a special place in my heart! As always massive love to the Lost & Found crew aka Amanda. What a lass! xXx

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