An Island - A Film by Efterklang & Vincent Moon!

I've done a few posts about this before but the special edition DVD release of An Island is finally here and I recieved my copy at the weekend! The full DVD is pretty special with beautifully embossed cover and booklet inside, all layed out by Hvass & Hannibal. The set also features 5 postcard sized pull outs of the band performing and a mini version of the poster. 

I organised a private public screening of the film in the summer time as part of the project, anybody could sign up to hold a screening so I figured why not. And to my suprise it turns out they've added everybody's names to the booklet for the DVD as thank you, pretty cool scanning through the first few names and finding it there in black & white.

Anyway you can order the special edition from the An Island site but you can also download the film for a price of your choosing, you can make a donation towards the project and there's a whole load of pictures and video out takes to check out on the site so why not go show some love for Efterklang & the wonderfull Vincent Moon!

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