Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat @ The Lemon Tree!

Arab Strap are without doubt one of the best bands ever! Musically and lyrically they have touched on things, ideas and concepts which have really opened me up and shown me that "when you say suck my cunt in real life just sounds naff"! I guess Adian Moffat is know for his songs about adventures in the bedroom and the seedy streets of Glasgow but Arab Strap are no more.

Instead he's returned with a new partner in crime, this time in the shape of piano extraordinaire Bill Wells. I only know of Bill from his collaboration at the Arab Strap curated Triptych night a few years ago, he played piano along with the ambient electronics of Tape. A truly special night with a great line up which hasn't been bettered.

But thankfully the two have been working on a collaborative project over the last 8 years which has resulted in a new album "Everything's Getting Older", a beautiful collection of songs dealing with the usual theme's of life, love and death. The video for lead single "The Copper Top" is brilliant, portraying the two as funeral directors, a role they both seem quite comfortable with, see the video HERE!

Anyway enough rambling about who they are and more about their debut gig at the Lemon Tree! Support came in the shape of one man acoustic virtuoso RM Hubbert. It took a while but I remembered seeing RM Hubbert supporting A Silver Mt Zion in Glasgow and he is amazing. One man tapping the beat, playing the bass and really nice post rock mellow guitar picking to boot! The crowd were in awe from the beggining and his little chats between songs were quite interesting, openly discussing his battles with depression and life, something I could relate to a lot. A perfect opening set from Hubbert set a high standard for the night!

Thankfuly the night only got better with Wells & Moffat taking to the stage and ripping straight into some laid back lounge music. The band created some of the best music I've heard in a long time. I think everyone was quite stunned by how good the band were and how amazing that Bananarama cover was! I really can't think of words to quantify just how good a gig this was so instead ill say check out the photo's below, get a copy of their album and if they play again make sure you get tickets! Oh and the photo's that look like its just the back of a piano, spot the little nipple sticking out? That's Bill Wells heed!

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