Holiest of...... @ Project Slogan!

Holiest of...... is the newest series of painting's from Sarah J Stanley. The show consists of a series of paintings exploring words and their impact and a selection of short films which Sarah carefully did the voice over's for, the content is taken from religious fanatical brochures which have been used to try and teach young people about the evils of, dare I say it, being gay! Duh duh duh! 

But Sarah's take on the comics via turning them into short storyboard films helps highlight how ridiculous the information in them is but also how fucking scary the World is! I guess I've never really thought about it before but if these people were in charge then I don't think any of us non believers would be safe, never mind those who stray from the dictated 'normal' path. I'm glad that someone is standing up to this shit but I'm more glad that Sarah's managing to make new art as well as running Project Slogan, raising her son, being in a loving relationship and finding time to sing & perform her own songs! Inspiring stuff! 

You can see more photos from the opening HERE!

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