Fledgeling aka Stuart Simpson @ NEOS!

Stuart Simpson aka Fledgeling is a total master! He's honed his skills and crafts amazing pyrographed works of art which he completely undervalues and sell's to scammers like me. Stuart recently returned home to Monnymusk to set up shop in his mum's studio, The Bothy where he managed to keep a whole room filled with his amazing work. Every time a piece was sold another would magically appear to take its place. In fact the best piece I saw was deemed not worthy of being included in the show! But seriously check out Stu's work HERE and make sure you dont leave until you've bought something! He does commisions also so if you don't see something you like but like his style then get in touch, he's got a family to feed! High quality pics via WLDWLVS again!

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