STWO Opening @ Kilau!

Wow! Not really much else to say about the STWO opening, some really awesome work from both artists and one of the best nights out I've had in ages! I just wish we had more shows where every piece of work is of the highest visual quality! Also they had amazing cup cakes and buckfast jelly shots by Shelly, those cakes kept me dancing all night! The guys have collaborated and made some special items to go with the show, a little something you can take home with you in the shape of a sweet t-shirt / print / pin badge set, all for only 25 bones or you can buy individual items HERE

A massive shout out to all those who made it such a great show, Neil at WLDWLVS, the two Stu's (STWO's?) Shelly for the delicious treats, the Kilau team who kept those beers coming and all the people who came down and showed their support! Oh and the Exodus dj for playing Little Respect by Erasure, made my night!

All photos by Adam Wilson, except the tee & print pack above!

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