Rudimentary Perfection @ Recoat Gallery!

So late on this one but I did get a chance to attend the film premier, produced by none other than the multi talented Fraser Denholm. It's great to see somewhere in Scotland thats repping this kind of work but is also playing a big part in the movement. Not happy to just get on the wagon it appears the peeps at Recoat Gallery would rather be whipping the reins and send that wagon into hyperdrive!

For their last show they asked friend and Team Recoat member Mark Lyken to curate a show highlighting the new Grafuturism movement. The show was called Rudimentary Perfection and it was big, really big! Moving away from letters and characters, these guys are pushing what can be done with lines, colours and spray paint! They managed to hustle together a pretty impressive roster of international talents who all produced work for the gallery side of the show but wen't a step further by completing a series of murals across Glasgow. The results of this can be seen in Fraser's film, along with some insight into the project from Mark & the Recoat peeps (see the film below), its affa good! Have a scan at some photos I borrowed from the Recoat site and check out all the links and if you find yourself in Glasgow then have a go at spotting some big pieces of perfection!







Big ups to Team RECOAT!

Rudimentary Perfection from Recoat on Vimeo.

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