Grays Degree Show Highlights - Siobhan Ogg!

Sioban Ogg is a recent graphic design graduate from Grays School of Art and has been pretty busy making a name for herself as part of the DO IT! Collective as well as working with various night clubs and the Rumour pop up bar event's last year. So...

MOC: Who are you and what do you do?

Sio: Siobhan Ogg, graphic design graduate with forays into illustration and basic moving image.

Who are some of the artists / designers that your into that I don't know?

That you don’t know? Hah I’ll try!

I guess a lot of the times I follow design studios and blogs more than individuals, I like looking through different projects with interesting methods or processes towards creating ideas. I like getting lost on Behance or ffffound or It’s Nice That and really love the work of Nigel Peake and Suzy Q.

What were some of the process involved in creating your final pieces (laser cutters? trawling the Internet?).

Oh yes I did a laser cut, didn’t we all! I wanted to mobilise the brand I had created for my concept so by making a physical cut out I was able to use it in context and photograph and also utilize it as an active and fun part of the project.

This year I also worked with various mediums, my favourite normally, to experiment with using handmade elements digitally. I made a Christmas e-card out of elements I had screen printed for a class exhibition.

For your degree show you've created an app which allows people to map a trip or journey with geo tags for area's of interest etc. What do think would be the biggest benefit if your app was taken out into the real world / how would you see it being used?

I think it would benefit the tourist industry while also getting people of the country themselves to find new places. I think it’s a good way to map more visually and bring an image to peoples minds to inspire journeys. I’m going to try and get it out there and get people using it!

Where do you get your ideas from?

Oh gosh, everywhere! When working in graphic design with a brief it’s good to understand the subject you’re dealing with, and if possible, get into it and actively engage with the issue to realize the best possible outcomes.

Every project is different really, but the project itself and it’s sources and roots always form most of the ideas for the project. Experimenting within the medium and developing different approaches. Usually I am developing with every project and one creates more ideas for the next one and so on!

And always keeping up to date through magazines, blogs and design studios seeing where trends are moving and what’s relevant and try to interpret them in my own way.

And finally what does the future hold?

Plans plans…. lots of plans! I have so many ideas and things I want to do. I want to carry on creating and making. I’m getting myself ready at the moment to apply for internships in the hope to work a few different ones in different specialisms. I want to get a wide range of experiences and working with different people in different places will be really interesting. I’ll probably pursue graphic design as my main focus while also trying to learn more within moving image and animation, and also carry on illustrating alongside. I’m sure I’ll keep myself busy somehow!

That all sounds pretty exciting to me, it was great to find out more about the design world as the lines between design, art, sculpture seem to be getting more and more blurred as people tap more into being a creative as apposed to be defined by one specialist area. You can see more of Siobhan's work on here website HERE!

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