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Inchoate Landscapes / Black & White Show @ Peacock Visual Arts!

Inchoate Landscapes is the newest exhibition from Scottish artist Toby Paterson. If you don't know Toby's work then shame on you, he produces beautiful screen prints based around shapes and architectural forms. His images often appear to be floating on the page but never seem to be overwhelmed by the page, a neat trick! He's also moving into more 3 dimensional work and is busy installing some bits as I write this! Anyway, Inchoate Landscapes has a preview opening on Friday 9th September at Peacock Visual Arts and will be well worth a look in, refreshments will also be available on the night and there's a wee teaser video below!

Toby Paterson in the Peacock Workshop 2011 from Peacock Visual Arts on Vimeo.

Not content with one opening the team at Peacock's also have the Black & White Show opening on Friday 9th! For this show they have brought together work of a monochromatic nature from a wide range of international artists including Mike Giant (see special Peacock…

Julia & The Doogans coming to Project Slogan!

I can't wait for the next Lost & Found event at Pro Slo, its been a slow few months on the gig front due to festival season so ill be glad to see Julia & The Doogans next month! I got even more excited when Amanda sent me a link to her cover of Teenage Dream! You can get your tickets in Pro Slo now, act fast as this is gonna be a pretty small intimate gig so don't miss out!

Stray Dog Present "The Wishing Mountain" @ UTG!

Another great interactive piece of art from Craig & Jim aka 2/3 of Stray Dog! The guys have been biding their time with this one, I think its been rained off twice but finally last weekend they managed to erect their wishing mountain in Union Terrace Gardens. What is it? How does it work? Well you write down your wish then try to throw it into the tiny hole in the top of the mountain! Did anyone get a wish in? Will the wishes come true? Who knows but it certainly made for a nice day in the park!

Fun In The Sun by Ilona Niemi @ The Foyer!

Fun In The Sun is the latest exhibition by Ilona Niemi at the Foyer restaurant. Curated by the lovely ladies at Smart Consultants the show is a mixture of incredibly detailed paintings, silhouettes and mini collage pieces. Her painted faces are pretty amazing and kinda eerie but well worth a looksie!

Rudimentary Perfection @ Recoat Gallery!

So late on this one but I did get a chance to attend the film premier, produced by none other than the multi talented Fraser Denholm. It's great to see somewhere in Scotland thats repping this kind of work but is also playing a big part in the movement. Not happy to just get on the wagon it appears the peeps at Recoat Gallery would rather be whipping the reins and send that wagon into hyperdrive!
For their last show they asked friend and Team Recoat member Mark Lyken to curate a show highlighting the new Grafuturism movement. The show was called Rudimentary Perfection and it was big, really big! Moving away from letters and characters, these guys are pushing what can be done with lines, colours and spray paint! They managed to hustle together a pretty impressive roster of international talents who all produced work for the gallery side of the show but wen't a step further by completing a series of murals across Glasgow. The results of this can be seen in Fraser'…