Grays Degree Show Highlights - Roos Marie Dijkhuizen!

I fell in love with Roos prints as soon as I saw them, I've know her and a few of the print makers for a while but I haven't really had a chance to see their work properly so the degree show was a great chance to check out their work!

MoC: Who are you and what do you do?

Roos: My name is Roos Dijkhuizen with a BA(hons) in printmaking. Into installation and ceramics too. I want to be better at many things.

Who are some of the artists that your into that I don't know?

Artists that I'm into, that have something I'm into, are many! Some that come to mind for different reasons are – David Hockney, Julie Meheretu, Cy Twombly, Ben Shahn, Maya Hayuk, Gelitin, Carsten Holler, Olafur Eliasson, Pipilotti Rist, Seripop, Hiro Kurata, Hieronymus Bosch, a newbie from the Dundee Degree Show I really liked was Jamie Johnson, there was a painting I just saw by Lisa Sanditz that was really nice. I like to think when I look I find something.

How did you think your balloon piece would work as part of a printmaking show / ideas about different art practices crossing over? Discuss.

I made the inflatable as part of my show, not really considering it as a 'printmaking show' although still involving printmaking techniques. It was an attempt at letting my methods become more unpredictable again after working with screenprint for the majority of the semester. I always had an idea I would make it after doing an inflatable workshop when I was on erasmus in Holland last year, but no real planning of what it would look like, what I would print onto it, until it was time to do so. It needed to stay instantaneous, and so did the thought of how it would work as part of my show. 

I like the idea of entering into an environment, as a print maker I wanted to get out of the 2d frame but with respect to the methods I know, see how it would all work as an immersive image; in the end using simple shapes and text as an exercise for the eye. The reason I chose it to be something filled with a continuous air supply was because I like the idea of an object not being a solid form, that the movement interpreted in an image or the character of a form remains flexible and fluctuates. It made the object come to life on its own and more playful to interact with. However the process of making it made it only possible to see how exactly it was going to look when it was completely made, which for me was pretty exciting but taking quite a risk. I guess that's what it was, a risk, but you need to take risks when making work all the time right? Do you think it worked?

Yeah I thought it was excellent and really added a fun element to your work and being degree show I guess sometimes people tend to go for the safe option as apposed to trying something new. A brave move but I'd say it totally worked!

Where do you get your ideas / inspiration from?

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas...drawing and experimenting make reactions happen, I like seeing the reactions become visible. Like little sounds on the paper. I like seducing and stimulating and captivating the viewer. I like curiosity and colour and tastiness. Its not necessarily what needs to be seen or needs to be understood, just a sharing of my own experience wanting to test the perception of others.

What do you have planned for the next 6 months / year ahead?

I'd like to continue printing, but in general keep making work and keep experimenting with different materials – especially with audio, get into making sounds and using instruments in my work combining it with my imagery and further installation work. I'm in the progress of applying for residencies to have a place to work from. Different environments and people will be a nice way of learning and getting involved in different areas. Continue to exhibit and continue to be curious. Hopefully be living in Berlin by next summer. If not Berlin, somewhere else. I'm being flexible and I'm pretty excited about it. 

Some really good links worth checking out and if you wan't to see more of Roos's work pop on down to Project Slogan for This Is It, a group show by Roos, Hannah Harkes & Susannah Stark! Thanks to Roos for answering my questions and for the rad prints!!!

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