E.A.R.L. of an Era!

So on my 28th birthday (today) the EARL of Sandwich is closing its doors for the last time. It might seem like just another sandwich shop but Neil who has been running the shop for the last 7 years has put so much into the business and has created a pretty unique shop where people from all walks of life cross paths, share some banter and get a great sandwich to boot! 

I mean when I was skint Neil gave me a part time job, even though he didn't really need anyone at the time, I did gain about 2 stone because I was eating so much when I worked for him but he really helped me out! He also put me onto some amazing artists and music over the years, usually ill ask about 3 or 4 tunes I hear during the course of waiting for my sandwich. They were also the only sandwich shop in the UK which stocked Vice magazine, maybe not so cool now but still a sign of the kinda thinking behind the shop. 

Having Remi / Rough do a massive mural on the wall also helped the EARL stand out from other shops and their general easy going vibe just made for a great place to go and chill for an hour, getting out of the office and kicking back. Waiting times werent always the best, even worse if your a friend but with a tab like mines I really shouldn't be complaining! 

But alas the end has come, I'm glad to have been able to play a small part in this unique piece of Aberdeen's cultural history and if nothing else I have gained amazing friends in Neil, Kit, Callum & Shaun who will always smell like freshly grilled paninis! Wishing them all the best of luck in any future endeavours and let the party celebrations begin! It is my birthday after all!