Tattoo's & Tattoo Flash!

I recently paid another visit to Red Hot & Blue tattoo in Edinburgh. And got another tattoo. So one has led to 2 which is going to lead to 3 which is going to lead to a lot of hours under the needle but I'm so happy with what Paul's done so far. Being able to rock up, show him a photo of a hooded crow and 2 hours later have a beautifully rendered hooded crow on my arm is pretty awesome! Paul works super fast and produces super clean lines, always has good advice and listens to some good music, what you wan't when spending 2 hours having ink put into your skin.

I've started to look into the history of tattooing abit as well and this term flash kept popping up but I wasn't sure what it meant. Whenever you step into a tattoo shop you will be confronted with books full of designs, already drawn up by the tattooist to help give you an idea if you don't already have something in mind, this is the flash. I'd say if you walk into a shop and all you see is chinese symbols on the walls then get out! Thankfully there are lots of amazing tattooist's working across the world and here's some cool pieces that I liked from some of them.

Rough sketch to work from.
Outline done in no time!
Some shading done, some blood drawn!
The finished piece by Paul Slifer at Red Hot & Blue Tattoo!
By Gonzalo Muniz Matito!
By Gre Hale!
By Nick Whybrow!
2 by Ron Wells!
Bottom 2 by Mike Adams!

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