Support Your Local Art Scene!

Project Slogan is a small independant Art Gallery which has recently had its funding cut due to the arts no longer being seen as something worth spending money on when there's plans to be made for building over city centre green spaces. However being creative types a small issue like having no funding hasn't stopped Project Slogan from going forward with their plans for new monthly exhibitions and you can now pop in anytime Tuesday to Sunday for a cup of coffee (some of the best in Aberdeen I've been told, I don't touch the stuff) and they have a nice selection of sandwiches too. They also have a selection of art magazines & zines for your parusal and purchase!

It's nice to pop along and go somewhere different for lunch, getting away from the hustle of Belmont Street or the mega chains like Starbucks, plus you know that your money is going directly to people who need it to carry on doing what they love, curating art shows and making good things happen in Aberdeen! Even if you were to dedicate one lunch time a week to going for a coffee and a sandwich you would make a massive difference to Project Slogan so break the routine and try something new today!