Lost & Found Present........

....2 gigs in 2 weeks! I missed the Chris TT gig so I made a special effort to attend this one. First on the bill was Tom The Noismonger, accompanied by a rather minimal drum section, is that right? Anyway he played a pretty nice selection of down troden traditional Scottish man songs which kept me entertained throughout, the drums added a real nice touch to the songs. Tom is really great so keep an eye out for future gigs

Next up was the ever talented Sarah J Stanley. Give Sarah a piano, a guitar or even a ukulele and she will not only play it with charm but she will sing songs of such emotional intensity, delicacy and honesty that you will be shaken to your very core. If your not then I think you need a Voight Kampff test as your may be an android!

Next up was joint headliner? Daniel G Harmann, who to be honest didn't really do that much for me. But different strokes, I'm sure some people will like his songs, they were not bad, just not my cup of cola!

Finally we had the delightful sounds of one man trobadour Esperi. I think I've seen him about 4 times now and every time is pretty special. His first song about a cat & dog trying to find their way home always make me smile. He played a few new songs which sounded pretty amazing, I even went so far as to buy one of his CD's which has been on my playlist continually for the last week. Lyrically hes great but its his command of his instruments which really sucks you in, his coloured foot bells are ace too! If there's any sense then Esperi will be releasing some more studio recordings soon and sharing his music with a massive audience! Check out a nice live video here!

Always a lot of effort, always and pleasure so check out the next Lost & Found!

Photos by Jenni (of Jenni with the amazing kids fame).

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